You have All been downloading my SIMPLE PATTAYA MAPS ( FREE ) for the last 16 Years -

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This is a SIMPLE MAP which shows you our Town and where most of the Good Places are - Print out the Map and it will help you get around out Great Little Town.

This is a Close up Map of The GO-GO`S on Walking Street - Print the Map and tick off each Bar you go into.

Away from Walking Street is a Small Expat Go-Go Street - L.K.Metro - Check out some of theses places.

Plenty of places to have Breakfasts in Pattaya - Print the Map and carry it around with you.

Sometimes you get Bored eating in the same place day after day - Check out some of these 99 Restaurants.

Here are 99 Hotels that are around Pattaya - This gives you some idea as to where your Hotel is to get to the Beach. Print it out and carry it around with you so you don't get lost.

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This is Tom`s Soi 6 Map. As of July this year. Still worth checking them all out.

I did this Map of Soi Cowboy in April...Not sure of the Changes since then.

Now I am Printing My Cartoon Books TO ORDER...They are a GREAT Little Gifts to Give people who like my style of Cartooning. You can't get these Cartoon Books anywhere else in the World.